Nowadays almost everyone uses Windows or Mac operating system, and only a few choose Linux as their daily driver. It is mostly because Linux is not as popular as Windows or Mac. After all, there is no big corporation behind it, or there are stereotypes such as Linux is only for programmers and it is difficult to use one. I am not going to write about Linux elitism or the difference between free and open-source, and proprietary software. Here I just simply compare Linux and Windows. Now, let’s look at some advantages of using Linux over Windows.

  • It is free and open-source (Windows is proprietary, which means your data is not 100% secure)
  • More secure (no antiviruses needed)
  • Lightweight (it can run perfectly on very old computers)
  • No forcing updates (Microsoft forces to update)
  • Full of control (you can customize, delete and do whatever you want with your OS)
  • Many distributions (you can choose the distribution that suits your needs)

However, if you mainly use Adobe software, play games, and use software that can run only in Windows, it would be not a good idea to switch to Linux. However, there are many free and open-source alternatives for Linux as well.