Cybersecurity careers are one of the fastest-growing and in-demand fields of IT nowadays. I had no idea about this field before, even if I was interested in IT. I only came across it when I was watching a video about IT certifications that help people to get an IT job. And in fact, exams to get these certifications are not very expensive, have up-to-date topics, and get people job faster than standard universities in most cases. After some google search, I found a website called tryhackme, hackthebox and so on. And when I started to study on these websites, I discovered for myself a whole new field of cybersecurity. Then I watched videos of professionals in this field and their views. After some hands-on experience on, I got really into that.

However, cybersecurity is a very broad field and after some learning, it is important to find your niche. Here are some careers in this field:

  • Red teamer
  • Blue teamer
  • Threat hunter
  • Malware analyst
  • Application pentester
  • Security architect and so on

There are different roadmaps to achieve what you want. For instance, by having certifications such as security+, OSCP, eJPT and so on, you will have a better chance to get a job in this field. Personally, I have been learning penetration testing by solving capture the flags (CTF), and going through portswigger’s web academy to learn more about web vulnerabilities.

Edit 16.09.22

I realized that it is hard to get an entry-level job as a cybersecurity specialist. Yes, it is true that this field is still in-demand, but currently, most companies do not care about securing their infrastructure as much as building and maintaining it. Also, it became clear to me that without actually having a view of how the system is built from inside, it is difficult to find a vulnerability. And people who are new to the field become Script kiddies without good knowledge of basics of computing. In most cases, by using latest versions of frameworks and writing more or less secure code, it is not difficult to build a secure system. Up until now, I have been reading and practicing the foundations of computer science and Golang.