This little essay is in the first place a reminder for my future self to avoid consuming content mindlessly and focus on things in life that actually matter.

We are bombarded with an infinite flow of information 24/7 on the internet and we consume the content without realizing its consequences. We consume content but we do not process it afterwards. And social media apps on our phones made this process very easy.

We should not take every piece of information as a fact but instead try to rationalize it and then see if we can somehow implement that in our lives in the right way. One great book, movie or talk can change how we think. In order not to fall for a random person’s claims on the internet, we should know the reason why we are doing certain things, we can use it as a compass and optimize our lives around it.

When it comes to learning any subject, there are some good and free resources but we do not value what comes for free. Many people value only that learning material for which they had to pay. On top of that, we seek different methods to be “productive” but what really increases our focus is being offline. This process is also called “dopamine detox”. Of course, in the beginning, there is going to be a feeling of boredom as we were consuming all generated content 24/7 and that messed with our neurotransmitters in the brain. So, how do we know what is important and what is not? Well, by just thinking about death, we will immediately realize what is truly important because death gives meaning to life.